Amazing Grace

April 10, 2014  Tagged

amazing-grace-1hhk42yHey Cycle 2,

We have been working hard looking at different literacy elements and preparing to write our reading response on the book Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman.

Below is a great video. To start off, the book is read to you! Then, different people, including Whoopi Goldberg talk about their life and how it is similar to some elements depicted in the story.

Together we are going to work on a Venn-diagram to compare and contrast the character of Grace to Whoopi Goldberg. You’ll see, they are both very inspiring people :)

I can’t embed the video onto our blog, but click on the link and it will redirect you to Vimeo!

Amazing Grace from WVPT on Vimeo.

Their ‘they’re’ strip is over there….

March 19, 2014

grammar-humorHey cycle 2,

We have been talking about homophones recently and one of the trickiest has to be they’re, their and there.

Let’s see if we can demistify these 3 crazy misfits!






“Say What?”

March 18, 2014

Hey cycle 2,

We will be examining the importance of correctly using quotation marks and corresponding punctuation when writing dialogue.

Below is a funny video to get us in the mood :)

Pay attention to when and where the different punctuation marks are placed (quotations, commas, exclamation points, questions marks etc.)

Happy Valentine’s Day/Olympics

February 6, 2014

Hey Cycle 2,

We will have a fun-filled art week leading up to February 14th and celebrating the 1st week of the Winter Olympics.

I have already told you about the Olympic silhouettes and I love the paper texturing you did last week. Here are a few images to inspire off.










Our second project will be called The HEART PROJECT, inspired by contemporary artist Jim Dine. Here is a short youtube video showcasing some of his paintings.


January 14, 2014  Tagged

Hey cycle 2,

This video is about a boy named Alexander who can’t stop growing at school and has to move away. The teacher decides to bring her classroom to Alexander. Alexander believes he’s special, but only because he’s unusually tall. The class quickly shows Alexander just how special he really is.

Making an inference (video only):
What is it about Alexander that is special? What is bigger than Alexander?

Making an inference (with a copy of the book at each table):
What evidence from the text and illustrations help back up your answer?

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