Winter Wonderland

Hey Cycle 2,

This is what we’ve been waiting for to truly mark the upcoming holiday season!

Miss B's 13 Super Students !!!








Taylor took this one so Miss B could be in it!

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Miss B & Class,

    Miss B that is a great picture and I hope it’s this beautiful all winter. It’s deninaly a wonderful change from when the trees are bare. To now all the branches are covered in snow and are just so pleasant to look at!


  2. Dear Miss B’s Block,
    You are lucky to have snow! We like your snowy class picture. How did you feel when the first flakes were falling? How many inches of snow fell in your area? We could use some snow around here to make it feel like winter.
    Happy Holidays!
    Ms Hanna’s Class

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