Looking at us and you…

Hey all,

We decided to kill two birds with one stone (not sure we like that expression though). Our video below introduces the students behind Miss B’s Block for the purposes of the first Student Challenge and we have created a video for our Quadblogging class 4KM.

We examined the similarities and differences between England and Canada (4KM and Miss B’s Block). We realize some of our comparisons are somewhat generalizations. If you have any more, please comment back!



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  1. Hi Everyone in Miss B’s Block,
    What a great video! We can see that there are lots of differences between Canada and England. There are also LOTS of differences between Canada and Australia. We can see that there are lots of similarities too, and also between us and England.

    We’re looking forward to seeing more of your blog soon, and leaving more comments for you.

    The Year 3 Superstars, Western Australia 😳

  2. Hi Miss B’s Block:
    I am the mom of your new classmate Maddy Holden. Because we just moved to North Hatley from Toronto and don’t know many of you yet, your video was a great way for me to match your names and faces. I am also someone who knows about similarities and differences between Canada and England, because I was born in England and moved to Canada when I was a teenager. Here are some other similarities and differences to think about:

    1. Most of the population of both countries is European in origin.
    2. Both countries have a universal publicly-funded health care system (which means you can get help when you’re sick even if you don’t have any money)
    3. Both countries love “Coronation Street”! (well, maybe not you guys specifically, but many adults do – it’s the most popular show on CBC after “Hockey Night in Canada”!)

    1. Canada has a relatively small population spread out over an enormous land area, whereas England has a larger population squeezed into a much smaller piece of land (I think I read somewhere once that England could fit into just the province of Quebec about 7 times, with space left over).
    2. The first inhabitants of Canada weren’t Europeans (we have aboriginal populations such as the Inuit, the Cree and the Dene)
    2. We call car fuel “gasoline” and the English call it “petrol” (and they have to pay about twice as much as we do for it!).

    Great video, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from both schools!!

    • Hey Jane,

      Thanks for your comment! You had some great points about the similarities and differences between Canada and England.

      Thomas, as you saw, was sick; however, he was meant to say the similarity about our publicly funded health care and his difference was that in England they have regions whereas in Canada, we have provinces and territories!

      Write back soon!
      Miss B’s Block

  3. Dear miss B’s blog,
    There are lots and lots of differences between you and class 4KM.There are differences between you and us for example in the 17 thousands we had aboriginals,aboriginals are people who were in Austarlia many,many years ago.Every aboriginal has black skin and they had no clothes.And you guys had normal people.

    from Saaiq in Ms Vivian’s class 😆 :mrgreen: 😳

    • Hey Saaiq,

      We did have what you call “normal” people. Actually, Australia is part of the Common Wealth because you had Europeans come and settle your lands too! Also, like your Aboriginals, we too had Native Americans inhabit our lands long before the “whites”. Two tribes that my students study are the Iroquois and the Algonquians!

      Miss B’s Block

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