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We have decided to add a How to… category to our blog for Challenge #4. We decided upon this after receiving feedback on our Challenge #2 post Our Wetlands and our Challenge #3 post Our Digital Footprint.

Miss. W commented that we could probably share how we get our videos up to YouTube or Vimeo. Then, Ms. Hanna’s Class asked us if we could make them a “how to” video on getting questions onto our slides using Photopeach.

We felt it was probably time to make a new category, so if others want to know more about something they’ve seen on our blog and would like to learn about it, they can leave us a comment and we can let them know in a post, through a video, podcast etc.

Hope this helps Ms. Hanna’s class and we can’t wait to see your slideshow 🙂



4 thoughts on “How to …

  1. Hey class,

    Miss B, I really think the “how to” video is really going to help other blogger’s find out how to do cool things. My mom wanted to know how to make question in slideshows/video’s too.

    This weekend she went to a food show and she put the questions in it for what foods or healthier than others!
    So I say thank-you for doing that!!


  2. Dear Miss B’s Class,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful how-to video. I followed your directions and successfully made a slideshow quiz about my class’ trip to our local library! Visit our blog to check it out. I truly appreciate your help and encouragement.
    Ms Hanna

    • Hey Ms hanna,
      We really liked your how to video i got most of the questin right hope if you can make another video.


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