New Podcast_Episode 3


Our new podcast is up! We had a lot of material so I separated it in two. Episode 4 will soon follow and be posted by the end of the week 🙂

Please click here Season 1_Episode 3 to be redirected to Townshipper Pod.



8 thoughts on “New Podcast_Episode 3

  1. Hello Cycle 2,

    I have been checking out your blog and I am impressed with all the stories and ways you share. I really appreciated the descriptions and opinions in the recent podcast about the trip to the Abbaye and the marsh.

    I learned something too! Now I know the difference between a marsh and a swamp.

    I am looking forward to more podcasts and interesting posts on the blog.

    Mr. Weary,
    Principal NHES

  2. Hey Mr Weary,

    I agree with you! You brought up a good question about swamps and wetlands, I think I learned about marches too.

    Looking forward to commenting to you again


    Justin PB

  3. Hey Miss B,
    I liked the podcast! I liked recording and the sound effects. I hope the 2nd podcast comes out tonight. I will wait in front of the computer.

    I will be wating here…

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