6 thoughts on “Fair Trade Chocolate Is FAIR!

  1. Hey Miss B,

    I really learned a lot about fair trade. In the story a girl named Palama had to work 13 hours a day to only get a couple of coins for all that hard work! Now I understand way we are so lucky for what we have. Palama gets food off a bananas leafs. We get to eat of nice clean plates. We get lots of money, food and supplies!


    • Bella,

      I’m glad you learned something from our wonderful lesson! Sometimes we forget how much everything in life is connected to something. I’m sure we all want to make sure our choices don’t effect others negatively!

      Miss B

  2. Hey Miss B,
    I just watched the video and I love it. I learned that little children {like us} work everyday {13 hours-getting up at 5:00} while we go to school. I loved doing the activity. It was a great idea getting involved with Fair Trade Chocolate.

    We are lucky that we have food, a warm house and get to go to schools.


  3. Hi Miss B,
    It was so cool and fun doing that project! I really liked that story. That was such a suprise that all three student teachers Ms. Kaity, Ms. Christy and Ms. Sam came in to do a project with us. I learned a lot about faire trade. Hope to see them again.

    Cheers Mercedes

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